Where Boys Can Be Boys

 - Sep 2, 2007
References: ajc
We've all heard the saying, "Boys will be boys," and now some schools have decided that instead of discouraging rough and rowdy behavior, they will embrace the natural inclinations instead.

At Benjamin S. Carson's B.E.S.T. Academy, an all-boys middle school in Atlanta, "students are encouraged to shout answers to questions, get up from their desks during class, and yes, stand on chairs when needed," the AJC reported.

There are at least another 344 schools in the U.S.A that have similar single-sex classrooms.

"Mostly targeted at the tough, touchy middle school years, educators, parents and students say the programs help cut down on the boy-meets-girl distractions that interfere with schoolwork when budding teenagers begin to, ahem, notice each other, and the self-conscious inhibitions that can limit classroom participation."

At the sex-separated B.E.S.T. Academy, everyone wears a uniform: girls wear pink and brown, and the boys suit up in white and grey.

"Sometimes, they'll share extracurricular activities, such as dances and field trips. But no matter the campus they attend, their goals will be the same: to go to college."