Dan Luvisi’s Simpsons Illustration Showcases a Vice City Concept

Graphics master Dan Luvisi has masterfully recreated several Simpsons illustrations for his new series of pop culture depictions.

The artist infuses the classical Simpsons series with some 1980s crime drama. The illustrations are part of his ‘Popped Culture’ series, where he depicts several characters from popular kids shows and adds a realistic and disturbing facet to the characters. Similar to Luvisi previous works, the characters from Simpsons also have an interesting background story. In the story, Otto serves as the getaway driver for Homer and his gang for a heist. Lenny and Carl are two of Homer’s accomplices who are professional drug runners from Russia

Graphic artists have created numerous cartoon character re-creations throughout the years, but there aren’t many that showcase a distinct sense of realism to them. Imagine a Simpsons series about real-life crime dramas.