This Futuristic Fashion Keeps Users Offline

 - May 1, 2014
References: anrealage & psfk
Futuristic fashion is one of those things that never seems to come, but this signal-blocking fashion is the best example we have. People are always looking for what's next, but this new line by Kunihiko Morinaga is both fashion forward, while also having one foot in the past. The crazy maelstrom that is the information age has kept users eyes squarely on their various screens, so much so that people can lose contact with those around them. This new line looks to keep people engaged with one another.

This particular line of clothing blocks electromagnetic waves coming and going from the user, making it impossible to receive any digital information to their phones or computers they may be using. It takes it so far that if someone even tries to call their phones will get a special message alerting them that you're unavailable.