Reddit User Shystone Inserts Paintings into London's Streets

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: imgur & lostateminor
Redditor shystone has accomplished the mind-blowing task of taking beautiful historical paintings of London and placing them against the modern-day scenery of the city.

In a style very reminiscent of Google Street View, shystone expertly placed these old paintings of London in such a way that the modern streets and scenery of London blend almost seamlessly with these historical paintings. Shystone's project brings together the old and new, in such a beautiful and relevant way. It's incredible seeing how well these famous painters were able to capture the likeness of their city with such incredible detail. More incredible, however, is seeing how little has changed in terms of overall landscape and at the same time, seeing how so much has changed in terms of people and city life.

Reddit user shystone should be commended for not only doing this, but for being kind enough to share it as well.