The ShotTracker Analyzes Basketball Players' Shooting

 - Nov 24, 2014
References: shottracker & gizmag
ShotTracker is the latest system to invade the wearable sports technology space. This system tracks players' shooting success and provides insight into their strengths and weaknesses. The system is targeted towards non-elite players who otherwise wouldn't have access to detailed data about their shooting game.

The ShotTracker system consists of a trio of components. It comes with a sensor that has to be attached to the basketball net. This weatherproof sensor runs on a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and automatically stays in sleep mode until the user begins shooting.

The net sensor then sends a signal to a separate sensor that is worn by the user. The user-worn sensor is lightweight and snugly fits under a wrist band or sleeve. As the wearer shoots, the wrist sensor alerts the net sensor to the incoming ball.

The ShotTracker is available online, with a package consisting of a net sensor, wrist sensor, wrist band, sleeve and charging unit going for $150.