'Shortcut' Helps Amputees to Control Digital Platforms

 - Sep 7, 2016
References: digital-prosthesis.de & fastcodesign
'Shortcut,' the self-titled "digital prosthesis," is a device that helps amputees to seamlessly interact with digital interfaces.

Most available technological interfaces today, from mouses to keyboards to touchscreens, requires fine manual motor skills that most available prosthesis can't possibly imitate efficiently. This means that manual amputees have a huge amount of trouble using devices.

The Shortcut is a device that controls digital interfaces through what is known as the "phantom hand" effect. Even though amputees have most their hands, they can still control the muscles in their wrists that would otherwise move their hands and fingers. By sensing these minute muscle spasms, the Shortcut device lets amputees control digital environments with several rudimentary commands: things like moving the cursor, scrolling through pages, and left or right clicking.