The Shorpy Historical Photo Archive Reveals a Moment in History

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: alfredtpalmer & mymodernmet
Webmaster Dave from Shorpy Historical Photo Archive, gives us a rare glimpse of the 1940s by taking black and white images and infusing color into them.

The images, which show women building war planes, were originally taken by photographer Alfred T.Palmer for the Office of War Information. Somehow, adjusting the color and contrast of these images amplifies the reality and revitalizes these pictures. It is also interesting to see women getting their hands dirty and helping out the cause during a period, when women were expected to uphold very different standards in that era. During a time when very specific expectations were bestowed upon women including what sort of occupations were acceptable, these are very enlightening images to see.

Webmaster Dave from Shorpy Historical Photo Archive has been able to inject life back into these images, which were once used for record purposes.