ShopWorn Offers Designer Jewelry & More at Incredible Discounts

 - Oct 29, 2018
References: instagram & shopworn
ShopWorn is an ecommerce website that offers luxury store display jewelry, watches, handbags, and other accessories at a competitive price. Before ShopWorn, consumers were only able to access products that were either new or pre-owned, with the innovative ecommerce site being the very first of its kind. By offering products that have never been pre-owned and that have only been lightly handled in-store by staff, the pieces maintain their original quality, however are a fraction of the price of those that are listed as new. With over 70 designer brands featured on ShopWorn, consumers gain access to exclusive products from big names like Fendi, Balmain, Gucci, and many others.

A few highlights include the opulent gold jewelry pieces from designer Roberto Coin, with an 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet on offer, in addition to a pair of 18K Yellow & White Gold Diamond Earrings. Like all of the listings on ShopWorn, these pieces are verified for authenticity and are heavily discounted -- with both marked down 54% from their respective retail prices.

The bracelet boasts filigree that’s patterned with delicate hearts, which are separated with small oval shapes of varying sizes. On the outward-facing side of the bracelet, these patterns are decorated in small brown diamonds. The otherside leaves the yellow gold exposed, offering some contrast to the design while also preventing the diamonds from catching on the wearer’s clothing.

The 18K Yellow & White Gold Diamond Earrings are a great option to pair with the bracelet, with the stunning gold and beautiful white diamonds adding an opulent edge to any look. The earrings are designed to dangle down from the ears elegantly, with the intricate gold ovals linked to one another, while white diamonds hang from the bottom. On the tops of the earrings, a similar design is used, however with the ovals and diamonds featured in a more compact manner to hug the ears.

Consumers who prefer silver to gold might find the 18K White Gold and Black Diamond Ring from Stephen Webster appealing as well, with the timeless but bold design offered for a 60% discount on the original retail price. The silver base of the ring is contrasted with an array of white diamonds that line the borders of the whimsical design, with the jewels coming together in series of spirals. Black diamonds further diversify it, with branches of the jewels featured at the center.

For those that have an inclination towards even bolder looks, there’s also the 18K Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring from Crivelli. The ring boasts a gold base that is adapted to look like a serpent, which combines jewels of white, green, and pink to highlight the scales and eyes on the reptile. The jewels are heavier at the top of the ring, and taper off as it rounds out to prevent them from rubbing uncomfortably on the wearer’s fingers. Underneath the base of the ring, the yellow gold is featured in alternating spirals, ensuring there is no space left without a careful attention to detail. The original retail price of the ring is over $16,000, however with the 75% discount on ShopWorn, it costs just over $4,000.

Other designer jewelry pieces and more can be found on ShopWorn’s website where they can be purchased and safely shipped with free two-day delivery.