The SHolm House by Servo is Alive Within and Without

 - Apr 25, 2011
References: servo-la & designbuzz
Residential structures have become something quite different from traditional homes and their original intent, but the SHolm House by Servo LA reinforces the concept of a safe haven within nature.

Instead of closing off an environment completely sealed separate from the out of doors, this dynamic dwelling welcomes rich plant life and the process of more passive ventilation and climatic comfort. The structure itself is made of LECA, or lightweight expanded clay aggregate, that traps air and moisture in its pores, while porcelain tiles along the green roof guide rainwater. Insulation is further enhanced by vegetation coating the building's exterior, which creates a range of micro-climates across the facade and within the sunken courtyard. Planned for Stockholm in collaboration with Marge Arkitekter AB, the SHolm House by Servo is an attractive home for any landscape.