ShopInstantShoe Helps You Find Shoes That Fit Perfectly

 - May 26, 2015
References: instantshoe & gizmag
DemoShopInstantShoe is a European Union project that is on the verge of releasing a contraption that instantly adapts off-the-shelf shoes to a custom fit. Targeted towards female shoppers, who are prone to develop foot problems if wearing uncomfortable shoes, the product will work with all participating shoe stores.

Compatible shoes will look normal, but their uppers will feature a special material glued between the soft inner liner and the outer leather, while the middle layer will include fibers and wires made from shape-memory alloy.

Women start by having their feet scanned, with data from the scan fed into another machine that heats the shoes' uppers, molding them to the precise contours of the buyer's feet.

Amazingly, if a buyer decides she doesn't like the shoes, the system can be used to re-mold the shoes back to their default fit. This is truly customized shopping at its most high-tech and convenient.