The Unikia Shoe Horn Makes Putting on and Taking Off Your Shoes Easier

 - Sep 19, 2013
References: unikia & unikia
The Shoe Helper, which has the dual feature of being a shoe horn and a boot jack in one, is another classy invention from the Norwegian product development company Unikia.

The Shoe Helper serves the double purpose of being an ordinary shoe horn, but also as a shoe remover. Solving the common struggle of having to pry your way through the heel of the shoe to get your feet in, this shoe horn provides stability and practicality in equal measure. Able to stand upright on its own, the shoe horn can also be folded or detached at the middle for easy stowaway or travel purposes.

The Shoe Helper comes with a semi-circular base for one foot to stand on -- adding steadiness to allow people to insert their shoe without needing to bend over -- making it a quicker alternative to a standard shoe horn.