Mauri Hornback and Tejus Lizard Shoes

 - Dec 26, 2007   Updated: Apr 11 2011
Guys, swallow your machoness and look at these shoes. The shoes were made in Italy and designed by Mauri (his signature marque is the alligator head). Hornback and Tejus Lizard styling with rubber soles and a matching belt. One color - brown. $650 a pair, but you'll know they are worth it when SHE compliments your shoes.

"Alligator heads, which symbolize Mauri, are placed on the lace and vamp, thereby giving it a stylish appearance. It is available in various sizes but in only 1 colour - brown. So, men who want to look well-dressed and graceful, run to the stores for this chic Mauri footwear today!"

Implications - The menswear industry has received a drastic makeover in the last few years, with men becoming more and more unabashed about their fashion preferences. Ultimately, this signifies a shift in gender roles that companies would be wise to attend to.