- Jan 24, 2013
When it comes to footwear there are so many ways to liven up your look with this variety of animal shoes. Luckily, the animals are simply the inspiration for the shoe designs, so you won’t be walking around with live leopards or cheetahs on your feet. That would be very uncomfortable.

In all seriousness, there is a tangible affection for style derived from animal characteristics, whether it is leopard print dress shoes, fur heels or zebra sneakers. Could it be that although humans are considered a higher life form than animals, deep down inside we actually want to be just like them? Wake up when you want, give yourself a quick cleaning, set out on a nice long walk, pick up some breakfast and then lay in the sun for a while -- sounds nice doesn’t it?

Whatever the motivation, animal shoes come in all shapes and sizes from sneakers to formal shoes to sneakers and are sure fire conversation pieces.

These Animal Shoes Give Your Outfit a Wild Look: