All the Fun of Russian Roulette Without the Dying

 - Jul 9, 2007   Updated: Apr 13 2011
References: zymetrical
Russian Roulette the modern way. A new electronic game with four finger slot's for you and three partners in crime. One lucky winner will receive a shock.

Implications - To get into the specifics of this friendly version of Russian roulette, here's how it works. Each person fits their own finger slot, someone pushes the start button and this maniacal game is well under-way. Lights start flashing, music starts playing and eventually it slows down. Then of course, whoever it stops at will get a shock.

Russian roulette has always been an unusually fascinating/frightening game. So while the majority may prefer to play the real game, this version will let you live on the dangerous side -- only death isn't guaranteed.