The ‘Sh*t New Yorkers Say' Video is Insanely Hilarious

This addition to the ‘Sh*t ___ Say’ list will give worldwide followers a chance to delve into the linguistically luscious presence that is New York; 'Sh*t New Yorkers Say' is two-and-a-half minutes of straight debauchery of the NY culture.

With lines such as "You have to go to Brooklyn, it’s the law!" and "Oh my god! Sarah Jessica Parker -- oh, who cares," this video is any tourists quickie to learning the ins and outs of New York talk. On a more serious note, these videos are meant to bring out the more humorous aspects of a city’s modernized culture through verbal references to phrases and experiences that domestic citizens come across while living there. There is far more to New York than a love for Starbucks and disdain for seeing actors!