Shit! I Smoke Informs Consumers of How Polluted Their City's Air Is

 - May 9, 2018
References: cmarcelo & highsnobiety
Big cities aren't known for breathable air quality and a new app called 'Shit! I Smoke' is aiming to draw attention to this issue.

The app draws information from numerous live pollution databases and informs consumers of how many cigarettes they've 'smoked' by breathing in the polluted air in their city. The app was developed after a study revealed the comparison between the lung quality of smokers versus those living in "smog-infested cities." Using the users location, the app can accurately relay an estimated number of how many cigarettes one smokes just by breathing in the air. For example, those living in Berlin may be informed that they've been ingesting nearly two cigarettes a day.

Image credit: Shit! I Smoke