The Shhhh App Controls Notifications and Alerts for Meaningful Dates

 - Nov 10, 2014
References: idesignforhumanity & fastcolabs
A person's smartphone is easily one of the most distracting products in people's possessions and the Shhhh app hopes to change that. Although still mostly a concept, the Shhhh app minimizes notifications and alerts in a sincere effort to encourage more meaningful interactions and conversations when on a face-to-face date. Be it in with a family member, colleague or a significant other, it's important ensure technology doesn't take over one's life.

Created by Ilwon Yoon and Woonyong Choi, the Shhhh app essentially allows people to control social media apps and other phone notifications conveniently from one place. It can also be customized to each individual to ensure that the style of communication suits their lives and purposes. It can even be controlled via GPS when it senses coordinates close to friends and family.