Sherpa Pens Disguise Drab Writing Devices

With these artistic Sherpa Pens, your office will be brimming with class and style.

We all know how useful Sharpies and markers are for "pentastic" purposes; they can write anything. However, one thing the Sharpie can't do is look stylish. These standard styluses are aesthetically ordinary, and finally there is a product to pump up the pens.

Sherpa Pens, designed by Paradise Pen, are empty decorative shells that fit perfectly around disposable markers or pens. These Sherpa shells come in a myriad of magnificent designs suitable for classrooms, offices or the home. Companies can even order Sherpa Pens with their logo and name on them to unify all of their office accessories.

Sherpa Pens are the "write" way to disguise drab writing devices.