Shelly Wan Renders Vibrant Scenes with Ethereal Aesthetics

 - May 3, 2012
References: eidolonfinearts & artforadults.tumblr
Those who think visual arts aren’t a significant source for escapism clearly haven’t encountered Shelly Wan’s work. The talented illustrator is a master of creating otherworldly visuals that simultaneously stimulate the eyes and the brain. With bizarre fantasy depictions that borrow motifs from all genres of storytelling, it’s hard to look at Wan’s paintings and not let your imagination run wild. Add to that technical skills that would make most Renaissance masters cry from jealousy and you have an artist who should be a household name.

And it isn’t as though Shelly Wan gets ignored by the industry either. Hailing from Guang Zhou, she moved to California to further her artistic studies. While in school, she interned at Walt Disney Imagineering, then picked up a job at Rockstar Games as a Concept Artist and is currently working in the film industry while also exhibiting gallery work.