'room.me' Connects Those Interested in Shared Living Spaces

 - May 16, 2016
References: room.me & techcrunch
Finding the perfect roommate is usually a stroke of luck, but 'room.me' looks to help make this a constant when it comes to living in shared living spaces.

'room.me' works by utilizing quizzes to learn more about personality types to see which people would work best with one another. From here, users can interact with each other and find a place to live that suits their needs.

The 'room.me' service is a more fine-tuned approach to shared living spaces than other approaches on the market. While a number of co-living spaces have been created, they allow anyone to live there which in turn could turn into problems for them or others. 'room.me' takes a more upstream approach to help night owls and 9 to 5ers find each other.