This Quirky Table is Inspired by the Shape of a Banana Peel

 - Dec 21, 2015
References: craigmonroe & freshome
Florida-based designer Craig Monroe recently crafted a beautiful side table that is inspired by the shape of a banana peel. When it comes to furniture design, inspiration can come from nearly anywhere. For Monroe, even something as simple as a piece of fruit can spark an idea.

The 'Banana Table' is a stylish piece of furniture that resembles the shape of a banana peel. Monroe came up with the design after experimenting with different 3D modeling techniques. The result is a side table with dramatic curves and an asymmetrical silhouette. To mimic the color of a banana, Monroe used six different pieces of Peruvian walnut. Finally, the edges of the banana peel are represented by a glass tabletop that is sandwiched between two wooden rings.

The unusual table demonstrates that modern inspiration can come from the most ordinary places.