SeaWorld is Replacing the Shamu Show with a Display of Natural Behavior

 - Nov 10, 2015
References: in.reuters & techtimes
SeaWorld's San Diego has announced that it will be replacing its long-running Shamu Show with a showcase of natural orca behavior. Previously, visitors to SeaWorld could expect to be wowed by incredible displays of the physical abilities of killer whales. In the Shamu Show, orcas made astounding jumps out of the water and performed flips and other tricks on command.

Now, SeaWorld is replacing the Shamu Show with a more educational, gentler display of the natural behavior orcas would exhibit in the wild. This will still include some jumping, splashing and playing around, but with a more relaxed feel than the former Shamu Show. Guests will also be offered educational ecological and biological facts about orca whales, so that they'll go home with beneficial new knowledge about the majestic marine mammals.