This Shakespeare T-Shirt Adds a Cheeky Tone to a Classic Writer

 - Feb 13, 2013
A Shakespeare t-shirt doesn't immediately sound like the coolest graphic t-shirt out there, but the cheeky caption on this one certainly changes that.

"This shit writes itself," reads the Shakespeare t-shirt below a headshot of the legendary writer. Shakespeare, of course, is world famous for his plays like Hamlet and Macbeth. He is credited with greatly influencing centuries of writers after him and creating narrative archetypes that are still used today in books and movies.

This graphic t-shirt puts words in Shakespeare's mouth and positions him as a natural talent with a cocky edge. Of course, no one really knows if he was like that or not, but this Shakespeare t-shirt makes it into a good joke anyway. The humor comes in because of how formal and eloquent Shakespeare's writing is.