Friend Book

 - Jul 10, 2008
References: tapulous & lifehacker
This new application called “Friend Book,” available tomorrow, lets you exchange business cards and address cards from one iPhone to another. To “pair” the two devices, you simply hold them together and shake them as if you were shaking someones hand. (Check out the video to see).

This is yet another cool usability innovation built on top of the iPhone / iPod Touch. Friend Book was developed by an outfit called Tapulous, a software development company exclusively focussed on building applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch (and the makers of Twinkle - a native iPhone Twitter client).

Apart from this great feature, there are some other nice “to have's” such as Facedialer, which does exactly what the name says. Considering that most mobile phone users call 10 people 80% of the time, this could be a nicer quickdial list.