The Shake It! Help to Improve Your Moves

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Unfortunately not everyone is born with the natural instincts and abilities to perform a seductive belly dancing routine, but a little hip-loosening exercise might help you groove in the right direction. The Shake It! Personal Dance Assistant is designed with both left feet in mind, and can also be an exceedingly entertaining piece of equipment for those know how to cut the rug.

This device can be described as a sort of electronic bosu ball, complete with several sensors on its disc-like surface for playing interactive games. To remain stable on the swaying saucer you've got to keep your balance, but Ai Pheng Yeap's invention takes you a few steps further. Shake It! can be integrated with another and connected to a TV or a computer. Much like the Dance Dance Revolution system, Shake It! challenges you to mimic some pretty complex motions.