Sexy Liberation is Trying to Close the "Orgasm Gap" with Free Toys

 - Mar 29, 2017
References: huffingtonpost & mashable
As the Huffington Post reports, "91 percent of men report climaxing during intercourse," but "only 64 percent of women can say the same" -- which is just what Sexy Liberation's new campaign is looking to turn around.

As these activists know, the gap isn't due to a lack of desire among women, but rather, "an outcome of societal forces that implicitly put men’s pleasure ahead of women’s." In an effort to combat this, Sexy Liberation is offering adult toys for little to no cost, so that unsatisfied women can become more comfortable with their bodies, find out what they like, and increase levels of intimacy in relationships.

Various products are featured on Sexy Liberation's website as a part of the campaign. While a number are completely free of charge, a wide range of others are heavily discounted.