Chef Heston Blementhal's Cooks With Fake Dirt and Rocks

 - Mar 4, 2009
References: channel4
I just finished watching chef Heston Blementhal’s new series (in the UK) and just had to write it up.

Each week Blementhal tackles a different period in history and recreates amazing food from that time, but he does not just recreate these foods, he totally blows all your concepts of what food is out of the water. This week was Victorian, but it turned into an Alice in Wonderland-type adventure into that era.

One of the pieces was an edible garden - as in really edible. The soil was made from olives and ground pumpkin seeds, while the stones (which really looked liked stones) were potatoes.

Best of all the end was a glowing, massive vibrating absinthe jelly. How did he make it vibrate? Stuffed it full of sex toys, of course!

Inspired cookery and you get to learn a lot about the featured era too. I can’t wait for next week's medieval show!

The only downside this week were the Z list celebs invited to enjoy the food; in my eyes, it was a bit like feeding the cat caviar. This feast should have been served to the very best.