The 'Seven Sins' by Cali Rezo Present Illustrations with a Warning

 - Sep 28, 2011
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'Seven Sins' by Cali Rezo are digital illustrations depicting precisely what the name suggests. The works are a digital series of paintings based on the seven deadly sins. Each of the pictures featuring model Myriam account for these seven deadly vices.

Anger, pride, greed, laziness, miserliness, lewdness and desire are the seven evils portrayed in each of the pictures, as they capture a modern woman carrying out each form of the evil act. This digital series is captivating, and reminds viewers of the sins performed mindlessly in everyday life.

While one portrait shows Myriam greedily eating, another shows her angry side. My favorite picture in 'Seven Sins' by Cali Rezo is 'Pride,' as the model looks at herself in a spoon.