Seung Mo Park Used Wires to Create These Detailed Sculptures

 - Nov 4, 2013
References: seungmopark & thisiscolossal
Seung Mo Park, a Korean artist, tightly wrapped layers of aluminum wire into incredibly detailed figures based on fiberglass forms. These astonishing sculptures are so surreal they almost look like real people.

These models are a part of the artist's 'Human' series. Each sculpture has delicate wrinkles and folds that you can see from close up. The artist even mimics the swirl of a thumbprint on each hand. The metallic garments are rock solid but the folds give the illusion that the garments flow and could easily be blown by the wind.

One sculpture stands out from the rest. A woman lies down against the frills of her gown and the metal shines as if the sun is shining on her. It has a very realistic appearance as if she could wake up any second. Every strand of hair and every fold in her gown is accentuated. These meticulous sculptures by Seung Mo Park are so creative -- it's amazing to see what came out of wrapped layers of aluminum.