This Dexter Morgan Cake Lets Fans Consume Their Favorite Killer

 - Jul 3, 2013
References: misscakehead.wordpress
In celebration of the final season of Dexter, the online baking sensation, Miss Cakhead, has created a hyperrealistic serial killer cake that looks uncannily like Dexter Morgan's grinning face.

The cake consists of Dexter's entire upper body, including hands with delicately detail fingers. The fondant used by Miss Cakehead looks eerily like skin, while everything from Dexter's eyebrows to the wrinkles around his mouth look impossibly human. Miss Cakehead's pictures show her cutting into Dexter's face, creating a grid pattern of slices. Since the cake looks uncannily like a human head, this creates a strange feeling in the viewer that is definitely the opposite of hunger.

While other Dexter confections have hit the baking market, this one takes the cake. Its eerie, humanoid qualities and oddly epidermal outer layer make for a baked good that, while scaring potential eaters, is the perfect way to celebrate the final season of Dexter.