The Vintage Doll Designs a Risque Holiday Greeting Card

 - Nov 6, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
The holiday season may be a wholesome season, but this sensual Hanukkah card wants to change that view in an entertaining way. In place of an image of a Menorah or other Jewish tribute, it uses the sexy pose of a classic pin-up girl. Made for people who don't take the holiday too seriously, the sensual hanukkah card reads, "Is that a shamash in your pocket???"

Playful and unexpected, the sensual hanukkah card is one that will be remembered for some time. Designed by The Vintage Doll, an Etsy shop based in Providence, Rhode Island, it adheres to its overall theme nicely. It is important to note that many pin-up girl images are pretty tasteful, so the sensual hanukkah card won't be found too offensive, hopefully.