Duke University Scientists Create Lab-Grown Muscles to Help Injured

 - Apr 9, 2014
References: pratt.duke.edu & dvice
There have been a lot of exciting developments in the medical field these last few weeks and self-healing muscles are definitely on the top of that list. Developed by a team of Duke University scientists, the self-healing muscles are entirely grown in the lab and have already been successfully implanted in a series of test mice. Being touted as a miracle surgery, the bioengineered tissue is capable of flexing and contracting with the same amount of strength as a person's natural muscles and even coaxes veins to grow into it.

The reason that they are being described as self-healing muscles is because they are capable of kicking off the healing process. But according to Dvice, "The research team still has to make sure that their creations can vascularize, innervate and function in the same way the tissue they replaced did over the long haul."