Seikou Yamaoka Creates Startling Portraits with His iPod Touch

 - Sep 24, 2011
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These gorgeously detailed intimate portraits are the work of Japanese artist Seikou Yamaoka, and surprisingly they were not rendered in graphite, charcoal or any other traditional art medium. These pieces were created on a iPod Touch using an iSO drawing app. As someone who is constantly overwhelmed with the staggering influx of technology, I have always preferred to use a pad of paper and a pencil to carry out my artistic exploits, but knowing my own limitations, I cannot help but stand in awe watching this man work.

As time marches on, the market is continuously saturated with creative programs that help artists more easily realize their wildest artistic fantasies, but without technological competence it doesn't seem to matter how well you wield a paint brush. These innovations having given rise to a whole new crop of artists, like Yamaoka, who are lucky enough to experience a synergy between their artistic and technological understanding. Unfortunately for me, until I stop treating my computer like a glorified typewriter, there is nothing for me to do but observe from the side lines, but with artists like Seikou Yamaoka to watch, that's not necessarily a bad thing.