Juice Shop's '5 Seed' Smoothie is Made from Superfood Stars

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: juiceshop
Hemp, chia, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are the core ingredients that give the Juce Shop's '5 Seed' smoothie its name.

While it's fairly common to find these superfood seeds in a nut milk blend, it's unusual to see them featured so prominently in a healthy beverage. To thin out the smoothie and make it liquid enough to be drinkable, Juice Shop uses a base of sprouted raw almonds and filtered water. Other ingredients like vanilla bean, strawberries and blue-green algae are also added for flavor and powerful nutritional benefits.

The superfood smoothie is rich in protein and makes for a nourishing on-the-go snack option for consumers in San Francisco. With a rise in health consciousness, many consumers are looking for more than just satiety from the food and drinks they purchase.