The Happy Snack Company Halves Its Seasoned Chickpeas

 - Oct 15, 2016
With the rise of high-protein and high-fiber pulses, including beans, peas and lentils, snacks made of seasoned chickpeas have greatly risen in popularity on the market. To distinguish itself from the masses, The Happy Snack Company makes what it calls 'Roasted Split Chics,' which are simply chickpeas that have been halved before roasting. As such, this slight variation from the norm offers a unique twist on a classic chickpea snack.

In a Lightly Salted flavor, the snacks are made with just a few simple ingredients, including canola oil, sea salt and just onion and garlic powder for added taste. As this wholesome ingredient list suggests, the formula is completely free from gluten and nuts.

For on-the-go snacking, The Happy Snack Company offers its Split Chics in a large box that contains six small single-serve 25-gram snack packs.