Advia 250

 - Mar 2, 2008   Updated: Jun 14 2011
References: thebikergene
Small scooters are huge in most parts of the world, so it only makes sense that one with a convertible top be introduced. The Advia 250 has a retractable roof and windshield with a wiper. Riders will still have to pack some rain pants and a jacket for to avoid the splash over, but with the price of gas still climbing, scooters are going strong.

Implications - For a new product to replace an older one, it is imperative that companies meet the past expectations of consumers as well as providing innovative and unexpected surprises. A new product is more likely to generate success and high profit if it goes above and beyond the customers' needs and wants. Consumers are willing to invest in a new product if they feel they will benefit from doing so.