3D Pictures Depict a Future Life on the Ocean

What will cities of the future look like? I mean in the far future, when the whole earth might be covered by ocean as a result of unstopped global warming?

Well, the winners of the Seasteading Institute's Seastead Design Contest, which ended May 1, gave us some insights through a rich portfolio of vivid 3D pictures.

Apparently, designers in Las Vegas-based Team 3DA think that kind of city should be fully self-sufficient through "Refusion", which is also the name of their work. The team statement says the environmental systems, including greenhouses and renewable energy sources, "would enable absolute independence."

"The Swimming City", proposed by Andras Gyorfi, a 27-year old Hungarian designer, is a mixed-use community similar to the ones we live in today. Gyorfi says it would have sports, entertainment and "whatever you can imagine." Somehow, it looks like he moved a fraction of Budapest into the picture.

Brazilian architecture student Anthony Ling loves freedom, and he hopes people will be able to seek it in the sea. His proposal, "Rendering Freedom," looks like toy bricks, which you can reconfigure whenever you feel like, which is exactly the "freedom" he refers.