The Sea Shepherd Campaign Shows the Harm of Predatory Fishing

 - May 29, 2012
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The Sea Shepherd campaign may be very graphic, but it shocks people into an awareness of a particular form of animal abuse: Predatory fishing. While it is bad enough that fish are purposefully hunted prey, the fact that this form of fishing often brings harm to other animals is unacceptable.

Put together by Heads, an ad agency based in Rio de Janeiro, the Sea Shepherd campaign reads, "Predatory fishing doesn’t only threatens ocean life." In the images above a bear and bird are violently harpooned through the head as they try to feed on the fish they have caught. The Sea Shepard campaign was art directed by Fernando Maciel with creative direction by Flávio Medeiros, Luis Christello, Kike Borell and photography by Manipula Studio.