Track Modern Art Developments That Influence Both Consumers and Businesses

 - Apr 4, 2012
References: trendreports
Modern day art has a far-reaching influence, creating changes in many industries, from fashion to advertising. The Sculpture Trend Report explores various sculpture trends pertaining to marketing, fashion, branding, design and architecture.

Can a sculpture really affect a fashion trend? How does modern art influence pop culture? Our research, mined from a global network of art enthusiasts and savvy consumers, attempts to answer these questions. Fraught with hundreds of examples of sculpture trend research, accompanied by 58 PRO Trends and showcasing topics like 3Dvertising and Supersized Selling, our crowd-sourced research is perfect for artists, market researchers and advertising executives that want a clearer understanding of the trends affecting consumers and business alike.

Use the Sculpture Trend Report to gain concise insight that will make your business more competitive in the marketplace.