The Sculpture Chair by Pawel Grunert is a Perfect Nature-Replicating Perch

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: & artsyndicate
The comfortableness of the Sculpture Chair by Pawel Grunert is up for questioning but I would not be surprised to learn that this eccentric seat is sufficiently cozy for its sitter. Meticulously woven together from twigs and bending boughs, this fetching piece of furniture would surely be the focal point of any room.

One might rather have expected the base of this tangled tree branch chair to be a sturdy structure of found wood as well. Nevertheless, the designer of this Art Syndicate piece chose to set the nest atop a spindly swivel pedestal. One would hardly have imagined such an extraordinary and physically dramatic perch as the Sculpture Chair by Pawel Grunert to manifest as a task chair.