The Finclip System Makes the Process of Wearing Scuba Fins Easy and Safe

 - May 17, 2016
References: kickstarter & gizmag
Scuba fins are essential scuba diving gear, which is why it's pretty irritating just how difficult they are to get on when you're a dive boat and getting ready to swim with sharks.

This is where the Finclip system comes in. Developed by Italian innovator and entrepreneur Paolo Piumatti, this particular system is designed to make it easier than ever for divers to get their fins on before wearing their weight belt and heavy oxygen tanks. The system makes it easier than ever for heel straps to stay attached at all times, with users able to push their foot in, step down and have the strap lever snapping up against their heel.

Ultimately, the Finclip system doesn't just make it easier to get scuba fins on but also makes the process safer, adding to the overall safety of scuba diving.