Scout by Gregory Hayter Searches for Mold Inside Buildings

 - Jan 18, 2013
References: hayterdesign
Pretty soon, we will not have to wait until the a significant number of office employees fall ill before an investigation is undertaken into the possible presence of interior fungi. Scout by Gregory Hayter is a contraption designed with precisely one purpose, to scan the insides of buildings in search of dangerous mildew.

This is a donut-shaped helium-filled balloon that drifts weightlessly above people's heads, investigating hallways, bathrooms and individual offices. A camera with an infrared scanner detects areas of concern where mold has cropped up, informing its operator of its findings. Necessary steps can then be taken by the maintenance staff to efficiently clear the affected areas and render the workplace safe once more. Scout should be employed on a semi-regular basis to keep sufficient control over fungus-related health risks.