Brea Souders Constructs Electrifying Scientific Photography

 - Mar 1, 2014
References: breasouders & itsnicethat
Brea Souders' latest series of images may not resemble your idea of scientific photography, but rest assured, there are genuine scientific concepts behind each shot. Souders became fascinated with static electricity back in 2012 and continues to explore it with her photography. Static electricity ensues when an electron imbalance occurs on the surface of an object, causing it to carry an invisible, attractive charge.

In her series, Sounders resurrects discarded negatives, photographing them clinging (due to the static electricity) onto acetate sheets, in various arrangements.

Her official site explains the project as a "material form of haunting; traces of her personal history lingered in abstracted and incomplete forms on an invisible ground, and are now the inhabitants of wholly new photographs. Images that were presumed to be dead and gone are resurrected; bathed in the light of rebirth."