Schweppes Ad

 - Mar 23, 2008
References: viralvideochart
Ready for a moment of Schweppervescense? To promote their beverage line, Schweppes launched a new TV spot that has quickly climbed the Viral Video Charts to spot #2.

People are crazy for the Schweppes Burst ad although it doesn't feature nudity, it's not controversial and it's not funny.

Instead it features hypnotic imagery, vibrant colours and puts the viewer in trace-like state. It shows brightly coloured balloons float around against dark backgrounds such as a thick forest and a fancy party as tranquil music plays for a multimedia moment that is actually quite enjoyable.

While the rest of the world seems frozen, the balloons still make their slow decent toward the ground. When they finally land, there is no obnoxious bang. Instead, the slow motion actually makes the usually loud and frightful popping act look quite smooth. There's also the element of the surprise when the balloons, which appeared to be filled with air, turn out to be filled with water.