The Osaka Gauze Mufflers are Protected by Cardboard Sleeves

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: grand-deluxe
Scarf packaging designs typically share the same shape, mainly for the purposes of presenting the product nicely and ensuring it stays wrinkle-free. While most of these designs adopt a rectangular shape, these boxes for the Osaka Gauze Mufflers still manage to find plenty of creative freedom within this form.

The boxes are designed like simple cardboard books, complete with a spine and a cover where a portion of the scarf's pattern can be seen. This space provides plenty of room for the brand to suggest the stories that these scarves will help to tell as accessories. For example, these animal print scarves can be seen through slash marks that are indicative of the wild animals that typically leave behind these claw marks. Where the "pages" would be, there are also spots for consumers to get a sense of the scarf's texture.

Since the boxed system is held together only be cleverly placed folds, the scarf packaging is easy to open, flatten and recycle.