Fingerprint-Scanning Zipper Lock Prevents the Pickpocketing of Your Backpack

 - Feb 10, 2015
References: sparkawards & yankodesign
If you've ever had something stolen straight out of your bag, you'll love this concept for a fingerprint-scanning zipper lock. Essentially, this is a secure way to keep the two tabs of your fastener together, preventing anyone but you from separating them and getting inside.

Desginer Dahye Jung proposes the integration of an impressively tiny locking mechanism that's embedded into the little metal tags. A super-strong electromagnet is what keeps the pair of them connected, and a built-in fingerprint reader provides the passcode. The owner of the Circle Lock knapsack can register his epidermal identity, then requiring just a quick pinch or a touch to this scanning zipper lock in order to open it up at any time. Valuables like your wallet, your smartphone and your laptop would be safely stored, no matter the instances of thievery in the area.