‘Saving Bletchley Park' is Restoring the Origin of the PC

The 'Saving Bletchley Park' campaign is another great cause that will be featured in London's Good for Nothing event this May. Saving Bletchley Park hopes to raise awareness about a historic site located in Buckinghamshire, England. During the Second World War, Bletchley Park acted as a code-breaking center and was also the birthplace of the modern computer. Today, however, Bletchley Park is in desperate need to be restored. (To get involved, visit Good for Nothing's Ning.)

Headed by Dr. Sue Black and Kelsey Griffin (director of museum operations), Saving Bletchley Park is an attempt to assert the importance of history. Preservation is key, not simply physically, but also symbolically, since Bletchley Park acted as an important participant in defending freedom during World War II, and furthermore, according to the Saving Bletchley Park website, helped to save 22 million lives. In addition, Colossus was the world's very first digital, programmable, electronic computer and it was built at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.

Many more code-breaking achievements happened at Bletchley Park. Saving Bletchley Park is a campaign to support an interesting historic site that doesn't simply lie dormant in the past, but also has profound implications on how we live our lives and communicate today.

Contact Information:
Saving Bletchley Park Website
Bletchley Park Website