Sarah Palin in Democrat Scarf

 - Oct 24, 2008
References: stylelist
As people scurry to get Halloween costume ideas, two things are for certain: you will see a lot of the Joker Halloween costume, and you will see a lot of Palin costumes.  But if you are going to be Sarah Palin, you’ll need to think of *which* Sarah Palin you are going to be.  The hunter? The beauty pageant queen?  In short, there is probably a whole category of Halloween costume ideas just for our beloved candidate…

As a result, I present you with this, perhaps the best Sarah Palin Halloween costume idea:  Wardrobe: $150,000. Hair and Makeup: $7,000. Democrat Scarf on Republican Sarah Palin? Priceless. Yeah, it’s her, not Tina Fey, not photoshop. There is Sarah Palin with a unmistakable Donkey scarf around her neck. Is Sarah Palin a stealth Democrat? Is this just somebody’s idea of fun? Or did Sarah Palin just make another remarkable gaffe in her run for the heartbeat away office? 

If you’ve got better Halloween costume ideas, send them along!