Maiden of Ravens by Sarah Bowman Captures an Otherworldly Creature

Sarah Bowman, a photographer based in Nanaimo, Canada, puts her imagination to the test in her latest series titled 'Maiden of Ravens.' An apt description of the main character, the model looks as though she belongs in a world dreamed up by Tim Burton. With dark eyes and paint dipped arms, Sarah Bowman's subject is otherworldly in a haunting way.

Shot on location in Vancouver Island’s forests and swamps., the Maiden of Ravens series was actually created in collaboration with the model, Annalise Silverwolf. Sarah Bowman was able to capture the eerie look in the equally eerie locale with ease. As whimsical and ethereal as it is dark and daunting, Sarah Bowman's photo series will connect with viewers on a evocative level that is full of the surreal.