Sao Paulo Telephone Company Vivo is Truly Visualizing the Art of Con

 - Apr 9, 2013
References: notorious-mag
As cell phones and mobile communication devices become more readily available to people of all social and economic classes around the world, it’s undeniable that the standard phone booths posted throughout our cities will become obsolete, but a Sao Paulo telephone company named Vivo is making sure that although this method of publicly accessible communication may be going out of style, at least its appearance won’t be.

Vivo had 100 artists paint paint Sao Paulo telephone booths and the results look like these playful and some times straight up bizarre creations. The great thing about art like these bedazzled phone booths is that it causes people to actually stop and think about the everyday items we surround ourselves with.

With public communication devices relying on wireless and more compact capabilities, there’s no telling how long street artwork like this will be around for.